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About Us



At our Preschool we strive to create a caring and stimulating environment where learning is fun. We engage in activities that promote and extend children’s curiosity and awareness of their world. Our primary focus is learning through play and exploration.

We encourage children to grow in confidence, self-esteem and independence. Each child is treated as an individual whose needs will be met in our setting that celebrates diversity, so that they all reach their maximum potential and we welcome parents and carers and value their contribution.

Our Preschool continues to evolve and move forward meeting the needs of a diverse community in Buckhurst Hill. We are always expanding our curriculum to meet the needs of the key areas eg. EAL SEND ETHNICITY and AGE, all based within a Christian ethos.

New Procedures
1 - Introduction to our new parents (what to expect and when) questionnaire about children’s development age and stage guide. Key Workers and Parents working together on the first step observation.
2 - Key Worker Summaries for group tracking termly.
Manager to collect data and then to share at Staff Meetings. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses of groups, gender, age and any individual child with a specific need (activities added to promote learning included in our plans for the following weeks.

3 - Staff have a glossary of the Autism Framework.
Routine changes.
We have added extra physical play as we have noticed our group of children have under developed balance, pedalling, throwing, and hand eye coordination skills, by adding this extra physical play and new experiences and opportunities including music and movement and interactive stories this is encouraging confidence and good social interaction plus excitement.

Cultural Capital
A new learning outcome. This is to promote our age stage activities across our group of children. Natural materials resources for indoors and outdoors, to enhance welfare, health and to work in groups. To express and learn new vocabulary.